Frederico Martins is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in international business. With 3 pillars: God, family, and his career, Frederico Martins believes in human potential as the main force for generating results in any organization. He is the creator of various social and volunteer projects due to believing that his life calling and purpose is to serve others.​

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Make A Difference

Lean Organization

Unlike large non-profits, our donations go directly to those in need, and not to pay overhead costs.

Collecting Donations

Donations from corporations and individuals are collected, sorted, and then sent to the areas affected.

Run By Our Volunteers

We run our organization using our volunteers, known as “V-angels”, who, most of the time, pay for their own expenses.

Low Overhead Costs

Our operational costs are very low. Our goal is that at least 90% of all VER donations reach the people in need.