Mr. Couto utilizes his skills and 20 years of experience to help clients create and protect wealth. He has a passion for teaching people about money and is an active speaker on finances. Mr. Couto believes in using business as a Force for Good! As a Co-founder of VER, he strives to leverage business connections and partnerships to bring Volunteer Emergency Relief services to those in need. Mr. Couto is also an active Rotarian, a member of the Rotary Club of Boca Raton West where he currently serves as Treasurer and is past president 2016/2017.

Make A Difference

Lean Organization

Unlike large non-profits, our donations go directly to those in need, and not to pay overhead costs.

Collecting Donations

Donations from corporations and individuals are collected, sorted, and then sent to the areas affected.

Run By Our Volunteers

We run our organization using our volunteers, known as “V-angels”, who, most of the time, pay for their own expenses.

Low Overhead Costs

Our operational costs are very low. Our goal is that at least 90% of all VER donations reach the people in need.