Housing Project

Housing Project in Mirandiba, Brazil

We are excited to update you about our housing project in Mirandiba, Brazil. A truck carrying 13 new houses is on its way to the village, and we can’t wait to begin construction soon.

At VER, we are currently running a campaign to encourage people to become monthly donors. Your regular contributions, no matter the amount, can help us continue our mission of making a positive impact in the world.

As a monthly donor, you will provide a reliable source of funding that enables us to plan and implement our programs and initiatives more effectively. Your donations will support our ongoing projects and help us expand our reach to new communities.

We welcome donors of all levels and appreciate any amount that you can contribute. Whether it’s $15, $25, or $100 a month, your donation will make a difference and help us continue our important work.

Becoming a Monthly Donor is Easy and Convenient

Simply send us an email at info@verelief.org with your phone number, and we will contact you to set up your monthly donations.

Remember, giving is a wonderful way to create a positive impact in the world. Let’s all make an effort to give generously and make the world a better place!

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